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How to Expand Your Network for Job Seekers?

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No matter how well-versed you are in your industry, you need allies to stay on top of your game. This is especially important if you’re still navigating around your career path. For job seekers, networking plays a vital part in the process. It opens the right opportunities for you and sustains progress in your journey. 

Contrary to what most believe, networking goes beyond forming acquaintances. This doesn’t mean networking is supposed to be difficult—there’s just more to it than meets the eye. To build a strong professional network, you need to invest time and effort.


Networking Tips for Job Applicants

The internet contains tons of amazing opportunities, and it’s easier than ever to search jobs online. It has also helped people build a good network to aid them in meeting their career goals. Sharing information with people in your network can benefit you on a long-term basis. Fortunately, you can try these approaches to build your circle.

Attend Networking Events

Socializing is an essential part of life and work. When you’re invited out to company events or trade shows, wear your best smart-casual outfit and go. Talk to pros and novices, exchange business cards, and foster valuable conversations. Be polite, friendly, and memorable, so that the connection lasts long after the event.

Connect with People on Social Media

Networking through social media requires strategy. Set up a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already, and make your profile appealing, interesting, and relevant to your goals. You can also sift through Facebook communities related to your industry. Follow companies that pique your interest and join groups that motivate and inspire you.

Join Professional Organizations

Networking or not, you should always associate yourself with credible people. One of the most certain ways to meet them is through organizations. Being a part of one not only lets you meet new people; it also allows you to share your industry knowledge with other practitioners. If you’re a job seeker, you’ll also get firsthand access to incredible job opportunities.


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Start Expanding Your Networking Group Beyond Your Industry

It’s a given to meet people within your area of expertise. But, as with anything, limiting yourself to a single field can hinder your growth. Receiving insights outside your field is as necessary as hearing feedback from your colleagues. There’s value in listening to others’ perspectives on your pursuits. Plus, you never know when your career goals will change, so it’s best to stay equipped with more know-hows.

Put Effort into Building Relationships

Good networking doesn’t aim for superficial and temporary relationships. The goal of networking is to form genuine connections with reliable, trusted individuals. Your network will help you navigate a tumultuous career journey. Success largely depends on your own hard work, but you’re also free to seek help from like-minded colleagues. And of course, you should also ensure that you will be someone they can rely on.

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Why Networking is Essential

Networking goes way beyond having business small talks. When you do it right, you reap benefits that you’ll carry in the long run. Here’s how building a network helps you in more ways than one.

Builds Confidence

Approaching people requires courage, presence, and appeal. By networking constantly, you’ll also learn how to assert yourself in spaces where you’d normally be in the background. Forming a good network and building credibility for yourself will make you a more self-assured individual.


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Fosters Friendships

To some, the idea of friendships at work may seem superficial. But finding connections is not only inevitable—it’s also healthy for your wellbeing. The peers in your network will be the same people who can help you through hard days at work, or point you to better opportunities when you go on a job search.

Helps You and Others Achieve Career Success

Your chances of achieving career success increase when you secure and maintain the right people in your professional life. Your network will open doors for you. In turn, you’ll also be opening doors for others.

How to Discover High-Quality Careers in 2022 

Building your network is a great way to kickstart your career. You can also expand your choices when you apply for talent agencies. These are worthwhile avenues for job seekers who want to find the perfect career match.


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