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Whether you’re seeking to direct-hire a professional, hire a new team member through a temp to hire opportunity, or explore new career options, contact Bridges Staffing Agency today to discuss the options that best fit your needs.

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About Bridges Staffing Agency

Our employment agency is all about matching unique individuals with fantastic jobs from the executive suite to the factory floor.

To give you the greatest experience possible, we use our passion for people to provide the best workforce solutions in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our staffing agency team includes some of the industry’s most experienced, intelligent, and talented staffing professionals.

The workforce has seen a lot of changes, but Bridges Staffing Agency is here to help. Whether you’re looking for temporary staffing or direct hire staffing, allow our team of staffing professionals to find the top talent in Charleston, South Carolina.

We understand that each company’s operating needs and each individual’s job hunt are unique. Whether you’re a job seeker looking for work or a business looking for employees who deliver, we can help.

What we do

Find Top Talent For Your Business

Conveniently located in Charleston, South Carolina, Bridges Staffing Agency is a full-service staffing, temporary employment, and recruitment agency. We ensure that your business has access to employees who fit your company culture.

Our Goal

Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of your needs to help you find better-qualified people that are a right fit for your company. Our staffing and employment professionals can connect you with a wide selection of competent job seekers.

Thanks to our committed workforce professionals, we've created great relationships with some of the best companies and job seekers in Charleston, South Carolina. Our primary goal is to assist you in locating the talent you need to help your business continue its success.

Thanks to our team of staffing agency professionals, we are well-positioned to give the best workforce solutions available. You can count on us to respond swiftly to your needs and regularly provide talented job seekers who become high-performing employees.

Bridges Staffing Agency is able to provide each of our clients with a dependable employment agency that finds trained and qualified job seekers. We offer the best recruiting services in Charleston, South Carolina, ranging from companies looking for employees to job seekers looking for work. Our mission is to meet all of our clients' temporary staffing requirements while also providing full-time employment for job seekers.

What We Provide


Bridges Staffing Agency is a locally owned and operated employment agency that can assist you in finding your dream job. As an industry leader in workforce solutions, our primary goal is to provide tailored workforce and employment solutions. Our strategic recruiting services can assist your company in building effective relationships.

Long-term Relationships

Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with the companies we work with and the people they hire. We remain committed to giving our clients the best workforce management solutions possible.


Our full-service employment agency delivers the staffing solutions needed to get the job done to meet any staffing needs. Whether for businesses in need of local or national staffing solutions or individuals looking for steady employment, we are here to help.

Making it easy

We understand that the job search might be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be with our team of staffing agency professionals. We specialize in providing comprehensive recruiting services and workforce solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Hands-on service

Unlike other recruiting services, we take a hands-on approach to customer service. Our people-focused, performance-driven culture has helped thousands of job seekers find fulfilling work at top companies in Charleston, South Carolina.

Recuiting Services And Workforce Solutions In Charleston, South Carolina

At Bridges Staffing Agency, we live by the fundamental values that God placed on our hearts: Through the love of Yahweh we serve others and foster relationships that allow us to grow in that service.

We foster constant communication as one of the top Charleston employment agencies to develop a connection between workplaces and the workforce. Our mission is to make things easier for our clients by providing quality workforce solutions for their unique needs.

As one of the top Charleston staffing services, Bridges Staffing Agency brings people together to form partnerships that change the trajectory of a business. Whether you’re looking for your next team member or your next workplace, we can provide a workplace solution for your needs.

Conveniently located at 4000 Faber Place Drive, Charleston, South Carolina, Bridges Staffing Agency is proud to be an industry leader in temporary staffing and workforce solutions. Whether you’re a business looking to fill a desired position, or a candidate looking to make a career change, we are ready to assist you.

To learn more about how we can help, contact Bridges Staffing Agency to speak with one of our employment agency professionals today.

meet the team

Powered by our people


Regional Sales Manager

Nicole and her family reside in Charleston, SC, where they enjoy a ton of family activities, like exploring the city and beaches, and enjoy the beauty of the Lowcountry!

She spent the first 10 years of her career selling residential and commercial real estate. She credits that experience, for preparing her to match business owners with the specific candidates they need, and vice versa!

As the Regional Sales Manager for Bridges Staffing Agency, she has had the wonderful privilege of building long-term relationships with business owners and managers, that have opened doors for us to offer life changing employment opportunities. She has been welcomed into both local and national businesses to provide quality candidates, as both talent acquisition specialist and client account manager.

When you love what you do and the people you do it with, it’s not work! Bridges Staffing Agency is absolutely the best! Why? We are independently owned and operated by a God-fearing family, who highly value integrity, transparency, and compassion. This makes us very special! Nicole thanks Jesus daily that she gets to do the work she loves, with a caring and supportive team.



Kandee has been a recruiter at Bridges Staffing since July of 2020. She has been married for over 30 years and has 3 amazing young adult children. Through the years of family, work, and especially since being a recruiter she realizes that CONNECTION is truly the key to all of life. Connection, first and foremost to God, Himself. May He always be where we start, where we finish, and everything in between. Always. Connection, secondly, to each other. As we begin to make the right connections in life, bridges are built, and great things begin to happen. Her passion is to connect with all kinds of people.

So whether you are a Business in need of reliable candidates to join your team, or someone who is looking for an amazing career opportunity, she would love to connect with you!


Operations Manager

Jessica has been with Bridges Staffing since 2020 and finds joy in moving the pieces and parts together as Operations Manager and Accounting Rep. As a former Business Owner and Account Manager, she loves working with people and the vast array of personalities that she encounters on a daily basis. As the wife of a Marine and mother to 2 teenage boys, there is no shortage of quiet in her house but the ability to work for Bridges Staffing in a remote capacity has been an incredible blessing for her and her family. Jess stays active in her church while supporting her boys’ various sports teams and enjoys swimming, hiking, curling up with a good book and beating everyone at boardgames.



Sarah is the prodigy of payroll and billing in the accounting department. As a young adult, she is simultaneously taking every opportunity to grow, learn, and figure out her next steps. Before working in accounting with Bridges,

Sarah had the opportunity to serve in leadership at a school of ministry as an RA. She followed that, in leadership, working in customer service for two years making it to Supervisor. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys being creative through videography and other mixed media. She is thankful to be a part of this family business, and even more so thankful to be able to call the owners her parents.


Nealy has been with Bridges Staffing Agency for the past 5 years. After training her daughter, Sarah, Nealy is currently working behind the scenes in accounting and billing. Nealy has been married to her wonderful husband, Brent, for 26 years. They are super proud of their only, adventurous, “sunrise/sunset chaser” daughter, Sarah.

Nealy has always been a part of “family” business. Her roots grow as deep as her grandfather’s trade in 1928, when he traded his bird dog for his first 18-wheeler, which birthed Summerford Truck Line. Nealy grew up listening to the old stories of love and fondness, both her grandfather and father had and still have for the people they’ve worked with.

Nealy loves the opportunities we have at Bridges Staffing to not only assist in helping people find great career opportunities but also to be a friend, a family. Nealy delights in the thought of, one day, sharing with her grandchildren the wonderful stories of relationships and blessings with all of the family we call Bridges Staffing Agency!


Brent has served in business and ministry leadership for over 25 years. He has been married to his wonderful wife for 26 years and they have one awesome daughter!
He has had the privilege of hiring hundreds of people over the last few decades and building teams of people that lead and serve well across various industries throughout the southeast US.
His journey with Bridges Staffing began in early 2019 with a vision to build strong, lasting relationships with clients and candidates alike. He has a passion for bringing honest solutions to hard challenges and keeps the Bridges Team dreaming with endless possibilities.

We are excited to help with your hiring needs

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