Bridges Staffing LLC



Scott Turner

Scott is a native of North Carolina, and is a very experience equipment operator.  He was willing to bring his expertise to the Charleston area to help grade and build pads.  He is reliable and very hard working.


Derrick Porter 

Derrick, is a fantastic employee who works hard every single day.  In a tough job like landscaping you need someone who is willing to work at a fast pace without sacrificing quality of work.  He specializes in landscape installation.


Gary Brown

Gary is a seasoned irrigation technician from Hollywood, SC.  He immediately impressed his company through being punctual and his expansive knowledge of irrigation systems.  No more than two weeks in Gary is already on the path to being hired full-time.


Gary Chapman

Gary only worked with us one week, but had a great impact on the landscaping crew he worked on.  Gary was offered full-time employment, and we helped be the bridge that got him to where he wanted to go in life.


Randy ryder

Randy, is a skilled and proficient heavy equipment operator.  He has the ability to fine grade with the best of them.  He also has a great attitude and brings his best effort every single day.

08/31/15:Rhymell Washington

You know you have found a great candidate when the director of HR is surprised at how well a guy can follow directions and be punctual.  Rhymell has a great attitude and an even better work ethic.  Despite the rain and the heat he is there every single day ready to make sure his crew produces.


RoberT Blizzard

Robert, is man who can wear many hats.  His experience in construction and landscaping is second to none, and despite his experience, he still has the ability to use a shovel as good as anyone.  Although in an entry level job that many would say that is beneath him, Robert showed great humility and work ethic this week without a complaint.


Frank Devine

Frank, has been working in the landscaping installation field for many years.  Frank is a quiet and gentle guy, that gets keeps busy, and just simply gets the job done.  Frank is the epitome of reliable, and Bridges Staffing is lucky to have him on board. 


Moses Johnson Jr.

Moses, displays a great attitude wherever he goes.  He is a reliable employee who shows up to work every day early.  He has over 7 total years of landscaping experience and brings that knowledge to the table each and every day to help his crew out.  He is a safe employee that has helped us be injury free as a company this month.  Congratulations to you Moses.